Alcatel One Touch Glory 2s Pro

Malaysian government have issued a smartphone rebate worth of RM200. At first, the rebate can be only apply on certain smartphones. According to their list. Later, it was changed to all smartphones.

I was in Operating System lecture when my friend introduced to me this smartphone rebate under Digi. (actually, he want me to solve 4pics1word puzzle). When asked how much he purchased it, I was shock. He only paid it for RM50. The smartphone was free. The RM50 is for the Digi Smart plan (SKMM edition).

I became interested in this smartphone. And thus, start my quest to search this smartphone. No stock, no stock, no stock. That’s what I got everytime I asked about the smartphone. I was still in Shah Alam and there was no stock at all? Wow..looks like I’m not the only one interested. Frustrated, I decided to resume my quest when I in Kuching. During my semester break.

Turn out, same situation. No stock, no stock, no stock. Dem…Kuching people also hunt for this smartphone. Thankfully, Digi store at Boulevard shopping mall are willing to contact customer if the stock is available. Without a doubt, I left my contact details. At that time, it was around 10 am. Around 12 pm, an unknown number called. “Hello, is this Mr Azlan?” she asked. “Just now you left your contact details if the stock is available for Alcatel phone right? I’m here to inform you the stock is available.” I was so surprise and excited when I got this call. By the time I arrive at the Digi store, there was 4 other customer, with the same intention as I was, to buy the Alcatel phone. Wow.

At last ! I found my Alcatel ! Muahaha

Alcatel One Touch Glory 2s Pro



2 thoughts on “Alcatel One Touch Glory 2s Pro

  1. I also interested in this smartphone but no luck, always out of stock 😦
    Hay can I ask you something, I know this sound crazy,
    because you don’t know me, can you buy it for me please :D, I’m desperate, raya is coming but still no luck to get this phone.

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